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Benefits of Studying Graphic Design

Table of Contents Varied work Work from anywhere It is not a routine job Benefit you will earn with every new project If you are about to finish high school and are interested in art and creativity, you may consider…

The Best Way to Choose an Online Course

In this article, we-will see what an “online animation course in-bangalore” is, how-it works, the different types-of-courses, their advantages, and above all, how to choose the best online animation course with a very interesting 4-step method.

Future of Online Education: Challenges for 2023

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), more than 1,200 million students of all school grades have stopped having face-to-face classes worldwide, causing public institutions and private schools to adapt their study plans to be taught remotely.

The Chronological History of Interior Design

Animaster College of Animation and Design has breathed life into students’ imagination, by inspiring, educating, motivating, and encouraging them with knowledge regarding the field they choose to study. Animaster also offers a Interior design degree in bangalore for students who want to have a fruitful career in interior design.

Why study Multimedia Design

Table of Contents Why study Multimedia Design? What is Multimedia Design about? What tasks does a Multimedia Designer perform? What is the job opportunity of the Multimedia Designer? What is studied in Multimedia Design? Why study Multimedia Design? Multimedia Design…


Table of Contents Light colors and pigment colors The colors and the chromatic circle Ways to combine colors. For any artist, regardless of the technique with which they work, understanding colors, their origin, and behavior is essential knowledge. Color theory…

Interior Design Elements and Principles

Table of Contents Interior design elements INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES Interior design elements A room or a whole house can look like a professional design if you choose the right objects and know how to arrange them. There are people who…